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This page contains information Azumi Filter Paper (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), a manufacturer of high quality filter paper and filter products, would like visitors to be aware of when using our website (hereinafter referred to as "this website").
Listed below is information related to items including our company's protection policy with regard to personal information and copyrights, etc. necessary for the provision of sound services to customers by our company. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this information.In addition, please be aware that the information in these terms may be changed without prior notice.


Privacy policy

Our company shall implement thorough measures in the handling and control of personal information within reasonable bounds.
Please refer to the following privacy policy when using this website and our company's services for information related to the handling of personal information.

Definition of the protection of personal information

Our company recognizes personal information to be information that can be used to identify individuals.This kind of information includes names, birthdates, addresses, and telephone numbers, etc.

Information related to the gathering of personal information

Personal information may be gathered from customers when they use this website in order for our company to maintain and improve services provided to customers.
Only an absolute minimum of personal information is gathered in order to attain the purpose for which it is gathered, and this information is handled in accordance with laws and regulations, etc. related to the protection of personal information.

Information related to the control and protection of personal information

Personal information gathered from customers shall be controlled in an appropriate manner, and sufficient measures shall be taken to prevent the loss, alteration, destruction, and leakage of, and unauthorized access to this information.
In addition, customer personal information under the control of our company will not be disclosed without the consent of customers.
Furthermore, personal information cannot be viewed by other customers by accessing this website.

Information related to the use of personal information

Our company uses personal information provided by customers for the following purposes.

  • In order to provide information related to our company's services in an appropriate manner.
  • As a form of identification when customers contact our company with inquiries or
    requests for quotations.
  • As a form of identification when customers use our company's services.
  • In order to contact customers when necessary.

Information related to copyrights

Rights with regard to all content including text, images, and programs, etc. included in this website belong to our company or the original rights holder(s).
Use of the contents of this website other than for private use and for purposes not expressly allowed by law is prohibited.
*Usage includes duplication, alteration, uploading, transmitting, presentations, distribution, licensing, merchandising, and publishing, etc.