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In order to continuously provide customers with high quality products as one of the world's leading filter manufacturers we have established our own unique quality policy which we effectively employ in the implementation of our business activities.
Before undertaking transactions with our company, please take some time to read the following quality policy in order to gain an understanding of our company's philosophy with regard to quality control.

ISO9001 certification

The Head Office of Azumi Filter Paper Co., Ltd. obtained ISO9001 certification on March 10th, 2006.

Registered business Head Office of Azumi Filter Paper Co., Ltd. (4-2-15 Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City) ISO9001認証マーク
Registered range of activities Development, manufacture, and distribution of filters
Date of registration March 10th, 2006.
Certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA)
Registration number JQA-QMA12689

Quality policy

Fundamental principles

Our company has established environmental management systems through filter development, manufacturing, and marketing operations, and by implementing continuous improvements, aims to become an internationally competitive corporation capable of responding to today's intensifying globalization through the provision of high quality products and services.

Action guidelines
  1. We will implement business activities following a quality first philosophy.
    As a Japanese corporation we recognize that the maintenance of high quality products and services is our most important existence value, and we intend to continuously make efforts to win and maintain the trust of our customers.
  2. We will make efforts to increase levels of customer satisfaction.
    We will promote activities designed to win the trust of customers in the areas of development, production, marketing, and technical service, and make every effort to anticipate the new needs of customers.
  3. We will constantly promote the implementation of continuous improvement activities.
    We will not only observe relevant laws and regulations, but also implement systematic improvements in order to meet the expectations of our customers.
April 1st, 2008