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As a manufacturer specializing in the production of filters, Azumi Filter Paper has been providing a wide range of customers with filter paper and filter products for over 80 years.
In order to successfully respond to today's increasingly high precision, high density industrial world we have established our own advanced filtration and separation technology.
Behind this technology are the "three strengths that help to support our company," which are described below.

提案 「顧客第一主義」 これまでも、これからも…


Together with changes in times and social conditions, the demands made by society in a wide range of different settings have also changed dramatically.
While responding to society's demands and changes, Azumi Filter Paper has grown together with customers under the motto "Customers first."
We intend to continue to maintain this attitude and make the utmost effort to obtain an accurate grasp of a wide range of continuously changing customer needs.

Our company's mission is to provide the best possible proposals designed to meet the needs of our customers using advanced technological capability acquired over many years as well as an ability to respond rapidly to these needs.
Please contact us if you have needs related to environmental measures (recycling, reducing, reusing), and increasing productivity (long lifetimes (extending lifetimes), reductions in levels of defectiveness, reductions in cost, reductions in amounts of waste materials), etc.

技術・開発 小さなご要望にもきめ細やかに対応するシステム

Through transactions with customers over many years, Azumi Filter Paper has been involved in the development of filters designed for use in a wide range of different fields and processes.
The know-how and new technology developed as a result of these transactions has given birth to a myriad of products numbering in the thousands.
This diverse product range is a result of the tireless efforts undertaken by our company as well as proof of the technological capability that we possess.
We believe that there are as many needs as there are customers and production processes, and we have always undertaken the manufacture of optimum original filters keeping in mind the need to create appropriate filters designed to solve these needs.
Our product range consisting of several thousand items can be said to demonstrate the variety of needs and problems that customers face, as well as the degree of responsiveness of our company.


品質管理 顧客第一主義を貫くために、万全の品質管理体制

Azumi Filter Paper is engaged in product manufacturing in order to create a cleaner world.
The pursuit of "quality" in the manufacture of products is a widely recognized concept, but the idea of "quality" that Azumi has in mind is not limited to our products alone.
Our definition of "quality" includes the quality of our internal structures and systems including development, manufacturing, and delivery, the establishment of networks and the utilization of computers, as well as the quality of all manner of actions taken by us as a corporate entity including the approach and attitude of each employee with regard to work, etc.
In manufacturing processes as well, alongside research and development we also make full use of a wide range of simulation and analytical equipment in order to thoroughly implement quality control as a matter of course.
All of our staff members involved in manufacturing function as quality control specialists in order to achieve customer satisfaction through pursuit of the highest possible levels of "quality."