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In order to contribute to preservation of the global environment through the utilization of filtration and separation technology, Azumi Filter Paper undertakes a wide range of daily research and also conducts business activities in accordance with a unique environmental policy.
We have included this environmental policy below for the benefit of our customers.

ISO14001 certification

The Head Office of Azumi Filter Paper Co., Ltd. obtained ISO14001 certification on March 15th, 2002.

Registered business Head Office of Azumi Filter Paper Co., Ltd. (4-2-15 Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka City) ISO14001認証マーク
Registered range of activities Development, manufacture, and distribution of filters
Date of registration March 15th, 2002
Certification body Japan Quality Assurance Organization(JQA)
Registration number JQA-EM2237

Environmental policy

Fundamental principles

Azumi Filter Paper is a corporation that undertakes research into and provides filtration and separation technology friendly to the global environment from our standpoint as one of the world's leading filter manufacturers.
Our company has established environmental management systems through filter development, manufacturing, and marketing operations, and by implementing continuous development, intends to make the utmost efforts towards the implementation of sound environmental conservation practices including reductions in burdens on the global environment and the expansion of positive environmental effects.

Action guidelines
  1. Environmental goals: We will establish environmental goals and periodically monitor degrees of attainment as well as perform reviews of these goals in order to effectively promote the implementation of environmental preservation activities.
  2. In addition to the observance of environment related laws and regulations and any other requirements with which our company is in concurrence, we will make efforts designed to gain an accurate understanding of the effects of our company's activities on the environment in order to contribute to protection of the environment.
  3. In order to prevent pollution of the environment, we will place particular emphasis on the following items.
    • Reductions in volumes of waste paperReductions in volumes of waste paper
    • Reductions in power consumption
    • Efforts to reduce water consumption including water recycling
    • Expansion of positive environmental effects
  4. The content of this environmental policy shall be made known to all employees in our company as well as all persons working for our company through environmental education and awareness campaigns in order to increase the environmental awareness of each person.
  5. We will contribute to local communities through environmental conservation activities.
  6. This environmental policy is to be made accessible to the public.
March 21th, 2008