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Message from the President

代表取締役社長 写真

代表取締役社長 安積 覚

Azumi Filter paper has been conducting research and development since 1919 in filter media and supplying such product as filter paper mainly to meet the needs many customers.

We believe firstly that it is the most important thing for people all over the world to live peaceful. And for the peaceful and also pleasant life of the people of the world our company wishes to extend our new technologies supported by constant innovations that are introduced in our products.
Secondly we find it very important that preservation of global environment is a worldwide issue. Our company wishes to contribute as well in this field of environmental conservation with our products and techniques.

Today the world becomes increasingly globalized so that we need to examine our role and purpose in our business, while keeping in mind Japan’s relations with China, Southeast Asian countries and the U.S., we established Shanghai Azumi Filter Co., Ltd. in 1995 and Shanghai Azumi Daido Filter Co., Ltd in 2004 respectively in China as manufacturing sources for various filter products.
Thus we will strive to further ride this wave of globalization through our corporate activities in the Future.

It is more than 90 years since Azumi Filter Paper started its business all through which we have been supported with kind patronage of our customers. We are always thankful to our customers and deter- mined to continue with their kind help our efforts of innovation for our better products.

Your continuous support and patronage would be much appreciated.

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Azumi Filter Paper has business operations in major centers in Japan as well as overseas.