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At Azumi Filter Paper, in order to provide the most appropriate filter paper and filters for customers' work environments and applications, we also manufacture custom made products.
If you feel that your specifications cannot be met by our existing products, why not have a new variety of filter paper or filter custom made?All of our departments will work together to provide you with a completely original filter paper.In addition, in order to meet the needs of our customers we manufacture filter paper designed to meet the exact specifications of each customer in "small lots, at low prices, and with short delivery times."We also provide consultations and quotations free of charge, so feel free to contact us with regard to any requirements you may have.

The three features of joint development (custom made products)

Small volumes can also be handled.

Trial products are manufactured in small lots.Customers then evaluate the quality of these trial products, and if the quality is determined to be satisfactory, mass production orders can then be placed starting from 5,000m2.

Short delivery times

Samples are shipped within 30 days. Full-scale production is commenced after evaluation has been completed by customers.

Low budget

We carry out detailed meetings with customers in order to manufacture products that meet the budget of each customer.
Please feel free to let us know your requirements with regard to budget and number of lots

Joint development (custom made product) examples


Below we have introduced some examples of the custom made filter paper and filter products that our company manufactures.
These examples are just a portion of the range of products that our company has manufactured.We can provide specifications to meet the needs of all our customers, so please provide details related to your intended application, etc. when you contact us.

Paper machines

These machines are used to produce sheets using materials including a wide variety of pulps, chemical fibers, and other functional materials.

Paper widths 850 〜 1,340(mm)
Maximum diameter of paper rolls φ1,200(mm)
Grammage 35 〜 1,000(g/m2
Paper thicknesses 0.15 〜 3.00(mm)

Colored paper
For those customers who want "filter paper that is visually easy to identify and sort" and who want to "simplify the management of filter paper," we recommend our colored filter paper products.
These products are available in colors including yellow, blue, and green, etc.

Multilayered paper
Our company is capable of manufacturing layered filter paper consisting of two or more materials through the use of multiple raw material lines.
For example, the layering of different materials results in density gradients which have positive effects on filtration performance.

Chemically treated paper
Special properties including water repellency can be provided to filter paper by spraying a wide variety of water soluble chemicals during the formation of sheets.
This is particularly effective if only the surfaces of products need to be treated.

Paper containing functional powders
We can manufacture functional paper possessing a wide variety of different characteristics by combining functional materials including activated carbon, etc. during the formation of sheets.
The use of multilayer paper manufacturing methods means that functional materials can be sandwiched between two other layers, thus minimizing losses of functional materials.

Paper examples


Processing machines

Impregnation of chemical agents into a wide variety of different sheets.

Maximum processable width 1,350(mm)
Maximum roll diameter φ1,400(mm)

Chemical impregnation
The use of impregnation processing employing solvents such as methanol and water allows for chemicals to be applied not only to surfaces but also to the interiors of base materials.

Corrugations can be applied to the surfaces of sheets.
Increasing surface areas has the effect of lowering the pressures losses of filtration materials.

Processing examples



This process involves using high temperatures to stick multiple sheets together, and the use of presses to reduce the thickness of and smooth sheets.

Maximum processable width 1,300(mm)
Maximum roll diameter φ1,200(mm)
Maximum heating capacity 135(°C)

Lamination processing
If customers wish to combine materials that they are currently manufacturing with materials made by our company, we recommend lamination processing.
Examples of possible combinations of materials:
・Filter paper + nonwoven fabric
・Paper containing functional powder + nonwoven fabric
・Nonwoven fabric + nonwoven fabric, etc.
Even greater numbers of layers can be combined by using the "multilayered paper" described above, enabling the manufacture of highly functional sheets.

Surface unevenness can be reduced by passing sheets through presses under high temperatures.
This process is particularly effective when performing printing, etc. on the surfaces of filtration materials.

Processing examples


A wide range of sheet cutting

Manufactured rolls can be cut into a wide range of different shapes.

Slit processing
Manufactured rolls can be slit to specified widths.

Slitting width range 27〜1,300(mm)
Maximum roll diameter φ800(mm)

Sheet cutting
Rolls of materials are converted into sheets which are then cut into a wide variety of shapes.

Maximum shape length 1,300(mm)

Materials converted into sheets are then punched into a wide variety of shapes.

Maximum sheet length 1,250(mm)

Processing examples


Processing examples

Production of specialized shapes

Manufactured rolls are cut into a wide variety of shapes.

Precision sheet cutting
Materials can be cut into complex shapes.This service is particularly suited to the cutting of specialized shapes.
We are capable of cutting out all manner of shapes that can be created using CAD software.

Materials can be provided with perforations, which are very useful for applications in which materials need to be folded.


Processing examples

Pleating machines

Creases can be placed in manufactured rolls at desired intervals.

Element formation
Material rolls can be pleated in order to produce elements that possess large filtration areas.


Changes in product shapes

Please feel free to contact us if you need to make changes in the shapes of products you are currently using.
Changes in product dimensions such as width and length designed to match customers' applications can bring about further improvements in operating efficiency.


In addition to the above services, we are capable of meeting all the needs of customers including creping and a wide range of other services.
Custom made filter papers and filters unique to each customer are the keys to achieving increased efficiency in operations.Please contact us if you are looking for this kind of product.

Requests frequently received from customers

Below we have described examples of joint development (custom made products) requests we have received from customers up until this point in time.
Please use these examples as a reference when contacting us with regard to the joint development of new products.

  • Development of new materials
  • Development of materials with properties equivalent to products produced by other companies
  • Cost reductions with respect to existing products
  • Improvements in specifications with respect to existing products
  • Domestic procurement of hard to obtain materials including overseas products, etc.
  • Development of elements and compact units employing filter paper
  • Development of materials that can be disposed of as general garbage
  • Development of filters and materials that are easy to replace
  • Development of materials containing functional powders
  • Impregnation of materials supplied by customers with chemical compounds

Inquiries regarding joint development (custom made products)

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in developing a custom made filter paper or if would like to receive a quotation.

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